Why Eating Chocolate is a Sound Spiritual Practice

There is nothing that can´t be made better by chocolate. This might be one of the most recognized truths in life. Even a Vancouver winter can be enjoyed with a cup of steaming hot chocolate! and since tomorrow is the opening of the Hot Chocolate Festival it is a perfect time to talk about  the spirit medicine imparted by the sacred cacao  .

Scientists assure us that that piece of dark heaven melting in your mouth is having a group therapy with your mind, your skin and your heart. Its flavonoids stimulate healing in your heart cells, your brain into releasing endorphins and even increase blood flow to your skin while protecting it from harmful UV rays.

While some may feel it is this amazing biochemical cocktail that makes chocolate the universal band-aid for broken hearts, yet I feel that those are just  like having good looks… its great to have them, but if that is ALL you have things are going to get hard…

I believe the true strength of chocolate comes from the spiritual qualities of its core ingredient: Cacao.

In pre-hispanic Mayan culture the Cacao plant was highly valued. It was fermented, mixed with other sacred Cacao-Podplants and consumed for ceremonial purposes. Its beans were used as currency and the whole plant was considered sacred and sought after for its spiritual medicine.

As spirit medicine raw, unmixed Cacao affects the frequency of the heart chakra , making us more open to that which needs to change to achieve a state of harmony. As such it is capable of inducing profound change through subtle spiritual shifts.

Although its most medicinal effect can be found in the unadulterated cacao beans, this spirit medicine is not lost in the making of our beloved chocolate. It becomes a suggestion, an echo of what the original healing journey might have been, but sometimes that is all we need… a helping hand to point us to the door of change.

So when tomorrow you find yourself walking through the Hot Chocolate Festival pay attention to how each variety of cacao makes you feel, as they get mixed, melted, baked and what not different types of energies influence this sacred plant, and it might just be that you will find the right mix to move your soul in the direction it yearns to go!

Live Genuinely,