Who lives in your house? 6 steps to find out what your home says about you

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.  Winston Churchill.

Whether you work from home or outside of it, there is no question that your house represents a haven from everyday reality. There is a sacredness to your home that everyone acknowledges, it is like an invitation you extend to those around you and to the universe.

This invitation creates a space of possibilities: the way you dress your house, what you include and exclude creates energetic boundaries around you. This boundaries define what can and cannot happen in your life, because they spell out what your energetic field is able to nurture and sustain, and what it isn’t.

So if you have found yourself repeatedly trying to achieve a goal (maybe healing a relationship, finding a partner or finding a better job) only to find you are feeling stuck, it means something in your field has to change. The trick is to know what it is.

are you ready? Step 1 – Compartmentalize your life: Relationship/Family, social life, work, rest/health, creativity and spirituality these are the different areas that at any given moment shape your life.  Walk around you and see where in your house each of them “lives”.

As an example I mapped my areas (picture on the right). Step 2 – Look for trouble: what planosdoesn’t look right about your areas? is any area too crowded? too empty? be honest about how you see things. At this point don’t try to rationalize it, just say what you like, what doesn’t seem right and write down any feelings or phrases that come to mind when you see your map.

In my example two things jumped at me:

  • Health and rest: not a lot of space for this area, particularly since the biggest area for this is the bedroom which is in reality my hubby´s space, his office.
  • Creativity: I am a very creative cook, but a lot of the cooking that happens there feels more like a chore… the other space I have allowed for my creativity is my wardrobe. I’m conspicuously lacking space for my painting, reading, gardening, and other hobbies I enjoy so much.

Step 3 – Correlation: would you be surprised if I told you that I’ve been finding I feel tired lately? That I find I’m devoting too much focus to my work and not enough to plain fun? My map made it clear that I haven’t made this areas a priority. As much as I love the intuitive work I do, as much meaning as it brings to myself and others I need to make sure I make time for self care and fun endeavors.

Step 4 – Regression: Now that you have identified the trouble areas and the physical areas that they correspond with. Its time to do a bit of listening. Choose an area to work with and go sit in the space, take note of what you see, what you feel, what you remember.

From my example, if we take the Health and Rest area: the room doesn’t allow a lot of space, just  a bed and a desk, and my hubby wanted a bit of privacy so it became more of his space. The intention was innocent, but now as I sit listening the feeling reminds me of the house I grew up in, my father´s study. His space not to be disturbed, I feel a bit nervous like my 5 year old did whenever I snicked in there. No wonder I can never seem to relax and often find myself going back to work on something.

What does your area tell you? who do you become in that space? how is that affecting your life?

Step 5 – Reclaim your space: This step might require a lot of creativity (or in my case dialogue) but without this it will be impossible to clear the energetic obstacle that is keeping you from your goals.

Re-imagine a space that is more inviting to the area you are trying to achieve, would a different couch allow you to invite more friends over? Would rearranging the dining room make your dinners more romantic? would designating an office space help you write a better resume for that next job? think of the ideal setting and then work within your possibilities. The important thing is to make the first changes.

Step 6 – Homework: Changing your environment is an invitation to changing your mindset, change your mindset and you change your energy, change your energy and the opportunities around you will change. However, sometimes the outside change needs to be accompanied by some inner work. This is where those notes you took come in handy.

When you listened to that troubled space, who did you find? maybe like me you became a child, or maybe you stepped back into a previous relationship, a specific conversation, etc. This memory contains clues as to where the limiting belief was born. Returning to my example, it wasn’t the fact that my father had a study which was the problem, nor that my husband needs a bit of space to himself. The issue is that through that space some of the unresolved feelings towards my dad were being projected towards my husband´s space and therefore impacting my relationship to rest and time spent away from work, THOSE feelings are what I need to keep working on, that´s my homework.

Remember that whatever you uncover can be healed and with it your life will make a leap to the next level. You don’t have to struggle through your homework alone, there are countless healing modalities and therapists to support you.

Be Yourself,