What does a broken heart look like?

What does a broken heart look like?

When you were sure this person was your life?

When you gave everything you had?

When the last memory came from a broken place?

Where all they wanted was to hurt you?

It would look like your soul running away from the scene of the crime. Crying its essence in every tear, running home… except that WAS home… nothing feels safe, warm, nothing feels worth it anymore. Full of despair, devoid of strength your soul locks itself up, builds a wall around herself, once and twice and more and more until, in an effort to feel safe, it has cut itself off from the very flow of life that its raison d’être.

This was what I found in one of my Energy Healing sessions. A soul pain so deep that it gagged joy to the point the soul wasn’t reaching for it anymore. Of course this are my words, my understanding of the wound. The person requesting healing knew only that they had lost all sense of inspiration, that every task required a sisyphean effort.

Luckily, we had already worked together in the past. We had already created a bond of trust between our souls: I respected her path and her gifts and she trusted mine to guide her through these unexplored groves of life. This allowed my energy to be allowed inside her soul’s wall. From the inside we grieved together, I asked her angels to comfort her and after a while her natural vivacity peeked through.

Although keeping the wall down will be a conscious effort, I am confident that the spark that her angels, myself and her soul ignited will be a firefly path that guides her towards a wholesome heart.

Have you ever felt disconnected from life? Like you are swimming against the current? Don’t face it alone. Reconnect with the flow of the divine through an Energy Healing session and find the gifts that life has in store for you.



PS. If you are new to this series #EnergyVisions is an attempt to convey the effect of energy healing through a series of watercolor paintings I make based on what I see during my healing work.