The Roots of Love

When: Sat, Feb 24th – (aprox 4 hours, exact timess TBA)

Where: 1718 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC.

How Much: $225 CDN (GST included)

I know what you are craving. That depth of connection that leaps out of your partner’s eyes, the feel of their arms that says ‘you’re safe’, the warmth on their lips that nourishes your soul. I know it because I’ve craved it too. I know what it means to ache for it and I know what it’s like to find it. More importantly, I know what it takes to find such love.

This is a workshop for those of us who know that good love can only nest in an open heart and who feel ready to start weaving, in themselves, such a heart.

Love is what happens when we align ourselves with Life, with Spirit. It is an intrinsic sign of balance and what keeps us in balance. It is much easier to take risks, reach for success, forgive (even ourselves!) when we feel loved, when we feel seen. Yet, for such a resilient force, love can be fragile in a way.

It is not that Love itself is brittle, but that our way of loving is. Most of us are acquainted with love through a series of do’s and don’ts, rarely have we learned how to love by being loved. Yet this is exactly what we must do if we want to issue an invitation that Love can’t refuse. If we want our heart to be a home for Love.

If we want a love that encompasses all of who we are, then we need to flood it into every aspect of our being: mind, heart, and body as well as past, present and future. This, all of this, is our love inheritance. This is what we will work with throughout this workshop.

Through dialogue, exploration, healing meditations, and a core foundation of Family Constellations, this workshop will sift through the ideas, dynamics, and loyalties we’ve inherited at an ancestral level, from our parents, the legacy of our first love and the continuous presence of our past relationships.

For an entire day, I will be there supporting you. You will be surrounded by people who are taking the same steps, who are also opening their hearts, and by watching them heal you will heal your heart further.

This workshop includes a 15% discount on a follow-up session if you’d like one-on-one help.

Because deep healing requires deep work, this workshop will be limited to 6 people only. If you want to join me RSVP by email to