The Color Of Prayer

Welcome home.

I know who you are. We are those who speak through art. We express ourselves through brushstrokes and verses, through movement and the sound of pen on paper.

and we know the power our craft holds.

In my life, perhaps in yours too, art has saved me. It was there when I was thirteen and went through my first depression. I literally drew myself out of it.

That’s when art reached out to me and I grabbed its hand with all I had. It has been a life-force that has kept me strong in stressful environments and the friend I turned to when there was no-one else around.

…and it is so much more.

Art practiced with intention is a vehicle for the divine. It is a powerful form of ritual that can transcend our current reality and link us to something bigger than ourselves. Starting an alchemic reaction, awakening our true potential. Who we are meant to be in this present moment.

Art created in community can shift the energy of the land, bringing healing to the collective and revealing the medicine our times call for.

It can hone our intuition, bringing us back in sync with life allowing us to sense the direction and resources our soul is guiding us to. For me, it is the pulse of a meaningful, deep life. The life I know you want to live.

Are you ready?

This course is for you if:

  • You see art as a welcomed ally.
  • You have dabbled in an art form and feel comfortable with it.
  • You would like your art to be a vehicle for intuition, healing, and empowerment.
  • You are a spiritual seeker who would appreciate being in community to navigate this collective dark-night of the soul.
  • You would benefit from spiritual steps to heal the inner-critic and unleash your creativity.
  • You are looking for specific steps, exercises, and tips for infusing an intuitive flair to your art.

Schedule and registering

Dates: April 18th, 25th, May 2nd, 9th, and 16th.  We will meet via Zoom on Saturdays from 3 – 4 pm 

Sessions will be recorded and available for download.

Registration Fee $80. GST included. This investment is a one-time payment for all 5 sessions. Refunds are not available for this course.

To register or for questions, email me at

The limitations of this course:

  • This is not an art course. Do not expect artistic techniques to be covered. Instead, we will focus on the intersection between your art knowledge and intuitive expression.
  • I am mainly a visual artist. I draw, I do watercolors, etc. Although I believe this process applies to all art forms it will be primarily exemplified in visual terms (painting, colors, etc.) I am happy to brainstorm bridging it to your particular art form and there might be something lost in translation.
  • This is a pilot course. As such, it might be helpful if you have worked with me before or are familiar with my facilitation and style. Maybe. Maybe we’ll get to know each other and have a blast anyway.


See you there my friend.