Anna P    Vancouver, Canada   

 4 months ago I was under heavy stress and my energy level was so low.
Andrea recommended Flower Remedy for me. I call it a Friend in a bottle.
Not only was I relieved from stress within 2 days into using the Remedy but since then:
- I sleep better
- Feel lighter
- No no more re- occurring specific nightmares I had been experiencing for more than 10 yrs.
- Feeling of internal healing.
- No more awful feelings from coming into contact with negative energy both at home and outside home as I used to
- I've been fully energized since then.
Don't take my word for it but give it a try.
I'm so grateful to Andrea for the Flower Remedy recommendation! 

Jo    Germany   

I wanted to thank you again for our session and all your support. I had such a good sleep on Friday night, and I woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. And my body also started shifting some major things, which I was so happy.
I am very grateful for the grounding and direction you provided for me. Things don't feel as hopeless as they did 🙂 And the energy healing was indeed so healing!

Amanda Yogendran    Vancouver   

I came to Andrea at a time in my life that I had to make a big decision. I was looking for clarity and Andrea was the perfect solution. Her ability to understand what you're feeling, read between the lines and find the root cause of stress is incredible. After the energy healing I felt relaxed felt like I had the confidence to take on life's biggest challenges. I am so happy we met!


Thank for the beautiful way in which you hold space and bring a calm wisdom to the messages you are sharing, especially the more difficult pieces. Today I woke up with a sense of energy ‘clearing’ and more calm and faith.


I have been to see Andrea a few times for energy healing sessions and readings, all of which have been highly beneficial to me both for the immediate situations I was experiencing, but also to shed light on longer term issues I've struggled with. On my most recent visit, I did a constellation with Andrea. I had no idea what to expect, but after chatting with her for a few minutes about what I was going through, she recommended the constellation. It was amazing. It made me see my current situation in the greater context of my life the past year, and gave me new perspective on the issues I was struggling with. The constellation helped to give me closure in some really important relationships that had ended this past year, and gave insight into some choices I had made, which helped me to move on. I honestly have found my sessions with Andrea to be more healing and beneficial than long term counselling, and I'll absolutely keep seeing her and recommend her highly to my friends.

Evelyn    Vancouver, Canada   

When I first read about the floral remedies, I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to shift emotions around a painful breakup and I sought Andrea for help. It was a fascinating way to approach my heartache and I'm grateful to Andrea for introducing it to me. 

Floral remedies are powerful. Within a week, I could already feel a difference in the way I felt towards my ex. The more I continued to take them, the more my emotions shifted. By the time I finished the dosage Andrea provided me, I had gotten over my ex. I was able to feel peace towards the whole situation and the anger and sadness I originally felt had dissipated. 

I still continue to take the floral remedies, even today. I believe in them wholeheartedly and know that it can truly help anyone to shift thoughts and emotions that may be clouding their judgement. I'm so grateful to Andrea for providing this alternative method. 

In gratitude    Vancouver   

I feel very honored to recommend Andrea for her spiritually based healing work! It is so healing to be in her presence. Her integrity and clarity permeate what she offers, both in her readings and healing work. I felt deeply respected, understood and healed in what she offered!

Alexa Kellee   

I made some changes after we met and I think they were for the best...the doors I closed have led to many more opening. Our session was very helpful and informative, thanks again! 🙂


Catherine    NYC   

It is an enlightening experience to know Andrea. She has a very calming effect in the guiding role that she takes on with her clients. Her sincere insights and intuitive gifts are amazing. I feel very lucky that I have gotten to know Andrea and I look forward to continuing to work with her. She has certainly helped me with my journey and in her joyous manner, has helped me to put everything in perspective. She deserves Five Golden Angelic Stars for her work in assisting so many people in such a positive manner.

Anita Trieu   

I just wanted to say thank you for your time and work. I feel like the weight has lifted off my shoulders. You are so talented and gifted and I just wanted to say I had an amazing insightful session with you. Again thank you for your wisdom and I will reschedule with you in the near future!

Cherrie    Canada   

Thank you very very much for your warm and inspiring words. It was very enjoyable meeting with you and thank you for giving me great guidance to help me go through this tough period in my life. I came in with a broken heart and feeling lost and hopeless. But after having the reading with you, I felt so much relieved and hopeful. You certainly helped make things clearer and give me strength to heal my heart and to move forward. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

One thing I really appreciate from you is: you see me through your heart and you helped me with a problem that I have stuck with for years. Now I realize that sometimes letting it go is just another way of saying " I love you". So I feel more relieved, less weight on my shoulder.

Anthony    Vancouver   

Andrea´s readings were very accurate and gave me useful insights into my relationship with my parents and sisters. It helped me recognize different dynamics within my family, which allowed me to see ways in which I could improve my relationship with them. I would highly recommend Andrea

Clara    Vancouver, BC   

I've known Andrea for about a year and I've gone to her guidance on occasions in my life when I felt stuck and unable to move forward. Andrea is a bright shining old soul and there is confidence and wisdom in her eyes. Her guidance is always precise and accurate. She has a gift for connecting energetically to people and situation; she accurately describes the bigger picture objectively.

There was a time in my life when I was in a lot of pain, and being a Healer myself, we don't show this. She was the only person who knew exactly what I was going through and prepared flower essences to help me to heal. She provides you with enough information for the highest good so that you can make an empowering decision, even if it's not what you want to hear. Her messages are always said with compassion and with a genuine intention to help.

As a spiritual person, and a person who understands the psychic world, I would highly recommend Andrea as she works with integrity and light. Thank you Andrea for being a guiding force in my life. I wish you all do the success in your work and the beautiful lives you touch.

Anna P    Vancouver, Canada   

I've known and consulted Andrea for guidance since July/2014.
Andrea is uniquely talented in the accuracy of her abilities not to mention her calming and caring personality.
Her spot on readings and guidance gives me peace, relief and clarity each time I consulted with her.
Andrea's readings are so True, Genuine and Pure it will blow you away!

AB    Vancouver   

I have had several readings with Andrea about my future aspirations, and all of them have provided a view on my circumstances that have helped me to understand how I can have the experiences and results that I want. Andrea is particularly good at connecting with my guides to provide an insight on a situation that illuminates my blind spot and allows me to face my reality, to know what factors are in my control, and to be inspired by the different possibilities that I can create for myself. Her readings resonate deeply with me, since they invite me to examine the feelings, actions, and patterns of behaviour that I sense are present, but which I have not yet been able to see.

GT    Vancouver, Canada   

Andrea has been really great helping me with some of the difficult issues I have been going through. I would highly recommend her if anyone is going through difficult times or needs help with coming to terms with ending a relationship. She's the best. 

Irina    Vancouver   

I don't write reviews, since I don't usually care enough but I was so happy with Andrea that I decided to share my experience here.
So, I've heard about Andrea from a friend that recommended meeting her back in January while I was dealing with some issues and important decisions to make.
I didn't know what to expect since I've never actually been to a card reader so I was pretty skeptic at first. But right from the first meeting, Andrea totally flipped the image I had of a card reader and I was really surprised to find that she's very very professional but also really down to earth and very warm, insightful and articulate.
At the end of the first meeting, it felt like I came out from a therapy session. I really didn't expect to have a sense of relief like I did and I also really didn't expect her to touch so many personal and deep issues, so that whole session was pretty emotional, but that's what I needed.
Anyways, since then, I've been coming back to her every month or so for the flower essence therapy and the energy therapy which turned out to be extremely effective and I've been recommending her to all my friends and family since.

CK    Vancouver, Canada   

I first met Andrea during a very down time in my life after my 16 year relationship ended.  Just 2 days after my first energy healing session, I was a completely different person.  I could not believe the change in how I felt.  I had literally been a mess and all of a sudden the lights were on and I was going in the right direction.  I still continue to work with Andrea going deeper into healing and will continue to work with her in the future.  Working with Andrea has literally helped to change my life.


First of all, Andrea is an experienced energy healer, and intuitive reader, so I was really thrilled when I knew about her Intuitive Development Workshop, there was no way I could miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best! I was really curious about her personal developed techniques, and with admiration I can say I felt her heart and wisdom in all what she shared with us.

In terms of the topics and agenda, it was all very well structured. Andrea talked about the different types of intuition, told us a beautiful story about duality and intuition, talked about healing and supportive energies like angels and archangels, taught us the basics of card readings and of course we had the opportunity to practice, practice and practice! I felt incredibly supported by Andrea while practicing my first cards readings.

Developing a connection with higher realms through oracle cards is a journey, and I felt truly honored to begin it with Andrea's guidance and knowledge.

I. Kim    Vancouver   

Hi Andrea,

I wanted to thank you, deeply and genuinely for your insight yesterday. You were on spot to a lot of things and I felt more relieved and clear when I came out. I have already begun to share my wonderful experience with a couple of my friends.

I'm really happy that I came across your website. I feel that you are the right reader for me.

Ramona F.    Vancouver BC   

I first saw Andrea Woodhouse for a reading after finding her when searching the internet for someone close by. I am happy I found Andrea. Her reading was very insightful, honest and realistic. She has a very calm demeanour that makes you feel very comfortable and open. My reading helped me see things in a different light and brought a lot of emotions out that had been pent up for some time giving me a release that I needed.

Since my reading I have come to see Andrea for flower essences and while initially I thought that it probably would not help I would give it a try. I can honestly say that I have seen improvement for the issues I discussed with Andrea and overall I feel much better.

Thank you Andrea for your all your help.


Since I've been using the flower remedies, I've noticed a big change in my emotional state. I do feel more comfortable and at ease, and I'm not as erratic as I used to be. I cry a lot less, and even during instances that I normally would be balling my eyes out, I don't cry at all anymore. It's really wonderful not feeling so emotionally drained and exhausted all the time.

I remain confident in my decisions and I believe I was less confusing about sending mixed signals to others. I'm really not afraid to let go like I was before.

Thank you for all the help and guidance, and these flower remedies. I can't believe how much everything has aided my healing process. It's so incredible.

Amanda Y.    Vancouver, Canada   

I came to Andrea at a time in my life that I had to make a big decision. I was looking for clarity and Andrea was the perfect solution. Her ability to understand what you're feeling, read between the lines and find the root cause of stress is incredible.