Setting up a Constellation

Energy follows intention. Setting up a constellation with a clear premise and language is a prerequisite for success:

1) How would you phrase the problem you are feeling? We are aiming for a short, concise description that feels true in your body. For example: “I can’t seem to let go of my ex”, “Going to work is awful, I feel numb inside”, “I have high blood pressure” or “I’ve lived in many places but I never feel at home”.

2) What is the intention you would like to set? Beyond the problem you might be facing, what would a solution feel like? “I want to feel like I belong”, “I take joy in the work I do”, “I’m free to find a loving partner” are all examples of intentions that guide the constellation. What would yours be?

3) How comfortable are you? The work in a constellation can only go as far as you truly allow it. If there’s uneasiness about bringing a particular issue, it’s a signal that it’s not the right time or that the angle needs some tweaking. Play with your phrasing until it resonates with you.

You might start with a very clear intention, only to see it become muddy as the date grows nearer. This is not unusual. Sometimes a background issue is really trying to get our attention, or life seems bent on highlighting something different. Trust the process and bring the final phrase and intention with you.

See you soon!