Intuitive Planning for 2020


If you would like to set goals that are in alignment with your soul, this event is for you.

If you would like to open the door to your intuitive self, allowing a co-creation of 2020, this is the space for you.

I am offering this as an invitation to weave the sacred into the daily grinding of our lives.   Releasing any shoulds, releasing any goals that are pushed by our ego and, instead, stepping into dialogue with the magical forces all around us.

During this workshop, we will be connecting with the energy and vision of what 2020 brings for you, as well as discovering your own personal guide for the year ahead that will accompany you every step of the way.

I will hold the space in a way that invites you inner-knowing to come to the surface, to support you as you translate this insight into words. I will be your base as you release any resistance you might uncover.

We will tap into the wisdom of your body and your energy field, using this to set priorities for any projects you might want to take on. Shedding light on where your focus and momentum is needed, creating freedom and confidence for this coming year.

Finally, we will create rituals that bring closure around 2019 and open our hearts to the gifts and work of 2020.

If you are feeling called to join us, here are the details:

When: Saturday 11th, 2020. 11 am – 2 pm
Cost: $50 CAD get your ticket on Eventbrite