Intuitive Development


“What good is intuition if your heart gets in the way of hearing it?”
― Shannon L. Alder

This workshop is for spiritual seekers, for sensitive empaths who constantly absorb the emotions of those around them.  It’s a space to understand how our intuitive senses work, what blessings they bring and how to build powerful rituals into our everyday lives that keep us protected, and open to spirit.

Being intuitive or empathic is a way to be in the world. Although making use of your intuition is a skill, to live fully as a highly sensitive person requires a new understanding of ourselves, our purpose and capacities. One that sees us not as independent beings but tightly woven to all that surrounds us

Understanding the world as empaths is the foundation, but not every empath is the same, our intuition speaks in different voices and no two people experience their gift (or their life) in the same way. More than just knowledge, you need a way to receive guidance that you can apply to your life today. You need an intuitive instrument.

In this workshop, we will take a dive into the world of intuition through the use of oracle cards. Whether you are pondering about your love life, career or how to open your intuitive gift, there is no question too big if you’ve got the right tools.

Some of the key topics we will cover include:

  • Identifying your intuitive style, language and establish a link to your guides.
  • Unveiling your intuition to achieve full use of your gifts.
  • Clear knowledge and practices to develop your intuitive side after the workshop.
  • Layouts, interpretation, and tricks that will help you achieve an insightful reading every time.
  • Practice, practice, practice! So that you use your intuition with confidence.

Give yourself the safe space to explore important questions in a small group with a good teacher and embark on a journey that unveils the invisible all around us.

Please note that this workshop is designed for starting your intuitive journey, doing readings for yourself and, perhaps, a close friend. Doing readings professionally requires a long-term commitment that this workshop cannot provide.

Duration: 2-hour prequel on Friday evening where we will learn how to choose the right deck to work with, guidelines for upgrading your deck and acquiring a deck (if you need one) + 1-day workshop on Saturday.

Dates: October 19th & 20th, 2018


Friday 6pm-8pm (optional)– $50 or a two-hour session helping you select a deck of oracle cards, analyzing the different elements and considerations in determining whether a deck will accurately answer your questions (taking place at Banyen Books & Sound).

Saturday (9 am – 6 pm) – $285  for the one day workshop (Taking place at 1718 Venables St)

Early-bird Special- RSVP before September 22nd, 2018 to receive Friday’s two-hour workshop for free.

Group size: 4-8 people.


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First of all, Andrea is an experienced energy healer, and intuitive reader, so I was really thrilled when I knew about her Intuitive Development Workshop, there was no way I could miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best! I was really curious about her personal developed techniques, and with admiration I can say I felt her heart and wisdom in all what she shared with us.

In terms of the topics and agenda, it was all very well structured. Andrea talked about the different types of intuition, told us a beautiful story about duality and intuition, talked about healing and supportive energies like angels and archangels, taught us the basics of card readings and of course we had the opportunity to practice, practice and practice! I felt incredibly supported by Andrea while practicing my first cards readings.

Developing a connection with higher realms through oracle cards is a journey, and I felt truly honored to begin it with Andrea's guidance and knowledge.