I Dreamt About Puppies… What Does That Mean?

In the last couple of months I have had many requests for dream interpretation, so I decided to share some tips on how to interpret dreams.

I know its very easy to Google whatever our dreams were about and see the thousands of dream dictionaries that you can choose from. But chances are those meanings don’t quite apply to you. Afterall, your dreams are your higher-self trying to speak to you, it is a divine intelligence that knows you intimately well, so the generic meaning just won’t do. The key is deconstructing the true meaning. Let’s get started.

Yes, every symbol has a universal meaning (that’s what makes it a symbol in the first place!) but each symbol also has a temporary meaning that applies only to you and only to this time around. Think of it as screaming: we all understand what a scream is, but we also know that people can scream of happiness or anger or fear, we need to see their context to know why they screamed.

So just because a horse means something for someone else it doesn’t mean that it will mean the same thing to you, nor that it will mean the same thing the next time you dream of a horse.

So for today’s dream. The dreamer described her dream like this:

“I was in a different house, like I had moved and it was a very interesting house because it was full of stuff. I guess it must have been everything we brought but I got the impression that it was stuff left behind by the previous owners of the house.

There were 6 puppies and I started to think about how I had to take care of them and all of the things I would have to do for them. All six puppies looked very alike. Then I kept walking and walking trying to find my things but it was so full of old crap that I couldn’t find anything. I also remember seeing the floor tiles and that they were so very very old, I remember thinking that we would have to change them. to replace them.

Also in that house, in the middle of the mess one of my friends suddenly arrived. But this is a friend that I had a fall out with. she came with a coat and came just to say goodbye -although being very rude and dry -I kept trying to make her stay and feel welcomed but she wouldn’t listen and would go away”

The first thing to do is to make a list of all the objects in the dream and reactions to it:

  1. House – new, interesting, not empty

  2. Old stuff – mine? Not sure but probably not, don’t like it

  3. Puppies – 6, look alike, need caring

  4. Old floor tiles – need to change them

  5. Ex-friend- awkward, trying to get her to stay, keeps going.

Now think of what that stuff means to you (don’t worry about the other info for now):

  1. House – my life, what’s around me right now, my comfort zone

  2. Old stuff – inherited things, dynamics, things I didn’t choose

  3. Puppies – cute but not something I want right now

  4. Old floor tiles – floor tiles are used in the foundation of a house

  5. Ex-friend- conflict, misunderstanding, losing something

Now think what the overarching theme of the dream is, for example in this case the dream seems to be all about things that need to be done, found or taken care of. And in that context try to think where do all those associations are showing up in your life.

As I was fairly familiar with the dreamer it was easy to see that the dream was signalling some tiring dynamics in her relationship, those dynamics were always difficult to deal with but since her partner’s health crises it has turned the workload into an overwhelming situation. Of course neither of them chose the crisis to happen but she still has to deal with it. This is signalled by the new house (new situation= caring for a recovering person) and the stuff that came with this house (it is difficult to change the dynamics when the other person is incapable of caring for themselves).

The puppies would have been a hard one but i know that minus herself (the caregiver) her family is made of 6 individuals, her children and their spouses (hence the 6 puppies). The fact that they looked alike reaffirms the notion that they are family. Although she is not the primary caregiver for those 6 people they do rely on her from time to time but due to geographical distance it is difficult for them to support her right now, hence the notion in the dream of those puppies adding to the things that need her.

The old tiles point to how long this situation has been going on, as well as to the fact that this is something that cannot stay (knowing that the tiles would need to be replaced).

The old friend is a more complex symbol but it also reaffirms the notion that somethings can’t be fixed (she wouldn’t accept the request to stay) and that somethings need to go (she kept trying to leave).

So this dream was clearly mapping where the power-leakages were in this person’s life and clearly urged for a change. It left the nature of that change to her but it highlights the need for it.

Hopefully this helps you translate your own dreams, please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.

Andrea F. Woodhouse