Connecting with your Life Purpose: How to read the signs

What is this my purpose?

You know the feeling. We’ve all asked ourselves this question many times before. If we feel we are getting closer it’s like being on fire, we are unstoppable, we know we are on to something BIG.

Until the doubts creep in… We wonder if we made the right call, if we missed our chance, and our energy starts to drain out.

So how do you stay on track?

When we speak about life purpose we recognize an intelligence behind the design, and while I make no claim to understanding what that intelligence is I can see it’s work all around me:

In good times that have led me to realize how I can inspire and impact those around me.

In my bad times when I realize my own strength, resilience, and ingenuity. My capacity to grow my heart back.

And in my painful times when the light has shown not on me but on those around me. These times have shown me what love is, that pain connects, that sadness heals, it has made me grateful for the amazing people and opportunities in my life.

We all hear that everything serves a purpose… yet isn’t it humbling to see it play before your eyes? so then, what about you?

If “little” things keep aligning without fail wouldn’t whatever is pulling the strings on that put all the more effort into the purpose of a human soul? wouldn’t it make sense for this design to be fail proof?

If you were to design something for a specific purpose then every piece, every movement, every aspect would reinforce that one thing… and truth is that is exactly the case with you.

It’s your nature to act on your purpose. You can’t help yourself. It’s your purpose.

  • When you have free time… what do you google?
  • What part of the news catches your eyes every time?
  • When you need to restore your faith in humanity… where do you go? what do you do?
  • When you wander into a library, which section do you gravitate towards?

It’s obviously not black and white but the more you trust that these impulses are not random, the more you allow yourself to connect with these innate wants the more you drift towards your essence.

In my case I first gravitated towards religion, later towards studying medicine, when I became interested in businesses I became passionate about HR, when I studied sustainability I wrote a thesis on social sustainability. In spite of my best efforts I kept being magnetically attracted to the why’s and how’s of people’s behavior.

What about my free time? I gladly spent my time and financial resources doing spiritual training, intuitive training, devouring spiritual books, learning about human development, etc. All the pieces were being neatly stacked through my actions, even if not through my awareness.

The only credit I claim in this quest is that I have, generally, found it hard to resist my impulses… so intuition-wise I’m probably an easy piece to work with. But we all have this mechanism inside of us.

Try this experiment: For the next month keep a detailed log of your daydreams, book purchases, online reads, Facebook starred events, etc. and try to look at it through someone else’s eyes. What is your core interest in? What is your burning question?

Relax, have fun and let yourself be guided

Andrea F. Woodhouse