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A Tale of Social Entrepreneurship, a beginning.

GS logoAs of last year I became involved in an amazing project called Groundswell, which is located in Vancouver BC and describes itself as a training network of young people starting alternatives-to-business together, and recreating the economy in the process.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of the first generation of Groundswellers, so when the opportunity came to give back as a part of the staff team I said yes before I even really knew what they were putting on the table. I’m glad I did. Though it wasn’t always easy and the way forward wasn’t always clear, the Groundswell team stuck by me as I found myself and my place in the team over and over again. You have my gratitude.

My part in the project is as co-facilitator of the “Green House” class, which is our nickname for the Personal Development layer of our business training. My job description is to plant the seeds of skills that will allow each of our participants to find themselves, their path, their strength and their place. Pouring all of themselves into a project -yet to be defined- and patiently remaining by its side until that project is able to stand up and reach back into the community that nested it  with a promise of abundance (of many types!) to come.

During the weeks and months to come, I intend to share the happenings of learning social entrepreneurship through a spiritual and archetypal lens, in the hope that what I share will help you reconnect your current job or project  with what your true calling is.

“Vocation is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” Frederick Buechner

The Biology of Tarot

How biology is learning what readers have said all along.

If you’ve ever had a reading you might have had this experience: All is going well, a nice rapport is being built and you feel much lighter than when you first came in, then your reader says something puzzling…that second of awkward silence mixed with the frozen disbelief. You can sense the rapport you had built slipping, you are trying to go back to the feeling of understanding right before you what they said just now. Well, what on earth did they say? Continue reading The Biology of Tarot

Who lives in your house? 6 steps to find out what your home says about you

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.  Winston Churchill.

Whether you work from home or outside of it, there is no question that your house represents a haven from everyday reality. There is a sacredness to your home that everyone acknowledges, it is like an invitation you extend to those around you and to the universe. Continue reading Who lives in your house? 6 steps to find out what your home says about you