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Healing the Fork in the Road

There are moments in our lives that define us. When we look back and see the threshold that we crossed.

If luck was watching over us, we look back with pride, with awe perhaps, and commemorate the orchestra of events that came together in that moment: That party that you almost missed, where you met your spouse. That job that you almost didn’t apply for but turned out to be your passion. That coffee with a friend that changed you… These moments are magic.

Except when they are not. When we don’t feel like we crossed a threshold but more like we bombed a bridge…our own… and no matter how much time goes by we can hear the whispers of that moment playing in the back.

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Touched by Loss – Healing on the Wake of Grief

A few weeks ago my hubby and I went to watch the movie Wind River. I was struck by every aspect of this movie, but one scene has been replaying in my mind since. The parents of the missing girl have just learned of her horrible death. The main character, Cory, who is a family friend, is standing on the porch with Martin, the girl’s father, and he says:

I’d like to tell you it gets easier, but it doesn’t. If there’s a comfort — you get used to the pain if you let yourself … I went to a grief seminar in Casper. Don’t know why,  just … It hurt so much, I was searching for anything that could make it go away … Continue reading Touched by Loss – Healing on the Wake of Grief

Painting the Invisible: Translating Energy Healing

I consider myself an energy artist. I’ve weaved my life around understanding all things energetic: emotions, secrets, blocks, healing, divination… you name it. Of those many paths I fell in love with the art of dialoguing with energy (aka intuitive readings) and healing. I am inspired by the feeling of communing with something unseen and I am filled with gratitude for the effects I saw in those who received it.

Readings are insightful, fun and, since cards are one of my tools, tangible. Healing energy is very tangible for the one doing it, as it is for the one receiving it and the effects are easy to spot. So far so good, but I’ve always felt frustrated by my inability to convey this to those who have yet to try it. I’ve often exclaimed “What beautiful energy” or “I wish I could show you how this energy looks”… finally I’ve decided to try! Continue reading Painting the Invisible: Translating Energy Healing

A Manifestation Affair

In one of my recent sessions, I shared with a young woman the synchronistic chain of events that led to me and my husband finding the beautiful home we now live in. Afterwards I received a lovely email from  her commenting how inspired she felt by this story and asked if I would be willing to share some words on my healing and stories such as that one.

I was thrilled with the idea. It was such a rich topic yet it felt that I would be selling it short if I focused solely on how things came to me and not on the inner-learning that opened the door to them. You see, the more I pondered on the events that led me to find this jewel of a house, to do work I love and marry a man I love deeply, the more I realize I was doing less manifesting and more co-creating. Continue reading A Manifestation Affair

Love’s True Colors

Does he love me?

As an intuitive and psychic this is a question I hear often. It’s an important question. Without love there is little to nurture the growth and learning that happens inside a relationship, love is the fuel for the journey to widen our heart. Yet it’s a misleading question, not because the question misleads, rather because what brings us to it is often mislead. Continue reading Love’s True Colors

5 benefits from Energy Healing

How can you know if an Energy Healing is right for you? Although there are many beautiful varieties of energy healing, all of them share the same foundation. So check out this five ways getting an energy healing can improve your life.

#1 Cut cords from the past: We all have something we can’t let go of. Unsatisfied with the way it ended, the way we acted, we constantly rewrite the script in our head. Energetically speaking this is a sign that whatever happened fractured us. That a part of us is currently living outside ourselves, reinserting itself to that memory. Holding on. This can be painful, draining and can deprive us of the focus and clarity we need to create something new, yet through Energy Healing it’s possible to re-integrate all parts of yourself; To close wounds and connections that keep us from the present. Continue reading 5 benefits from Energy Healing