Connecting with your Life Purpose: How to read the signs

What is this my purpose?

You know the feeling. We’ve all asked ourselves this question many times before. If we feel we are getting closer it’s like being on fire, we are unstoppable, we know we are on to something BIG.

Until the doubts creep in… We wonder if we made the right call, if we missed our chance, and our energy starts to drain out.

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I Dreamt About Puppies… What Does That Mean?

In the last couple of months I have had many requests for dream interpretation, so I decided to share some tips on how to interpret dreams.

I know its very easy to Google whatever our dreams were about and see the thousands of dream dictionaries that you can choose from. But chances are those meanings don’t quite apply to you. Afterall, your dreams are your higher-self trying to speak to you, it is a divine intelligence that knows you intimately well, so the generic meaning just won’t do. The key is deconstructing the true meaning. Let’s get started. Continue reading I Dreamt About Puppies… What Does That Mean?

Why Eating Chocolate is a Sound Spiritual Practice

There is nothing that can´t be made better by chocolate. This might be one of the most recognized truths in life. Even a Vancouver winter can be enjoyed with a cup of steaming hot chocolate! and since tomorrow is the opening of the Hot Chocolate Festival it is a perfect time to talk about  the spirit medicine imparted by the sacred cacao  .

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Interview about Mexican Day of the Dead in Co-op Radio

For the past four years that I have been living away from home (in Sweden and Canada) I have organized public events to help share the tradition of the Day of the Dead. Although a lot of my motivation stemmed out of my simple love of the tradition itself, the response that it elicits convinced me that the beliefs and values inherent in it voice a song that we were craving to listen.

At its very core Day of the Dealtarad is a family reunion, its a welcoming party that transcends life and death, it´s a way to relate to death without fear, without grief (even if only for a day!) and a way to pay our respects to those who have walked that path before us.

As part of my involvement in Groundswell (A youth program in the Vancouver DTES that promotes social entrepreneurship) last week we opened the doors to our community to share in a Day of the Dead celebration. One of the participants who enjoyed my explanation of the history and political roots of this tradition invited me for an interview in our local co-op radio (100.5 FM) in the bilingual program America Latina al Día.

Im happy to share this recording of the interview with you and hopefully this will allow you to better understand and relate to this unique tradition and inspire you to find your own way of honoring those you have lost.

Happy Day of the Dead!

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5 Element Constellations Demonstration – Event in Vancouver

Many of you might be familiar with Family Constellations Therapy which was pioneered by German  psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Hellinger observed that traumatic events occurred in a family system can exert a powerful force affecting later generations. Therefore being able to connect the root of the issue with that original triggering event can have dramatic benefits in a family system, such as:

  • Improved relationships
  • Improved health
  • New directions
  • Movement in areas where previously stuck
  • A sense of peace and acceptance
  • Useful insights

the_theory_of_five_elementscf27e86d4c43b4237039This 5 Element Constellations Demonstration combines the technique of Family Constellations with the knowledge of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Chinese system of 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) has been used for thousands of years as a device for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. It is a systemic model of wholeness that reflects our body’s energy system. The 5 elements have been utilized in a wide variety of fields and disciplines, including agriculture, astrology, government, martial arts, military, music, tea ceremony, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Many of you have participated in Family Constellations, but in this workshop we will use the 5 Elements; representing 5 different aspects/archetypes of an individual which were derived from Chinese Taoist traditions. The Chinese Medicine Meridian system are characterized in these archetypes. They can represent our resources, character strength, our willingness to give and take, our sense of organization, our drive in life, our fractured self, physical trauma, psychological trauma, health difficulties, and energetic health. It’s purpose is to look at how our body’s regulatory system is functioning and assist it in releasing and achieving balance.

In Family Constellations we pick representatives from our Family in order to work on issues that pertain to our relationship to the Family System. In a 5 Element Constellation we pick people from the workshop to represent aspects of our own personality and energetic system. The goal is to bring our system to a state of balance.

For more information and to participate or observe the constellation work please register at Eventbrite and follow us on Facebook