5 benefits from Energy Healing

How can you know if an Energy Healing is right for you? Although there are many beautiful varieties of energy healing, all of them share the same foundation. So check out this five ways getting an energy healing can improve your life.

#1 Cut cords from the past: We all have something we can’t let go of. Unsatisfied with the way it ended, the way we acted, we constantly rewrite the script in our head. Energetically speaking this is a sign that whatever happened fractured us. That a part of us is currently living outside ourselves, reinserting itself to that memory. Holding on. This can be painful, draining and can deprive us of the focus and clarity we need to create something new, yet through Energy Healing it’s possible to re-integrate all parts of yourself; To close wounds and connections that keep us from the present.#2 Facing a New Situation: Sometimes life feels we are ready before we do: You receive a promotion at work and after the initial excitement wears off the reality of your new responsibilities sinks in. You keep second guessing yourself and can’t shake the feeling that you are not adapting as fast as you should. Through Energy Healing we can, momentarily, bypass all your thought-circuits and go directly to source. Your higher-self knows what you are capable of, it has all the knowledge you will ever need to face any situation in your life, and although it is possible to access this on your own it can take time, whereas through energy we can “download and install” this information in one go.

#3 Increase your Intuition: Intuition is the ability to know something without knowing why. It’s the ability to go from A to Z without stopping at all the letters in between. The quality and speed of our intuitive abilities is directly proportional to our connection to our guides and higher self. Each time we tune in with our intuition is like dialing to a divine hot-line and, trust me, you definitely want this particular hotline in your speed dial. Since everyone is born intuitive and everyone has guides the only thing that can block our intuition is our energy centres which connect and translate in between. As the base work of Energy Healing is harmonizing these energy centres it consistently strengthens our intuitive sense.

#4 Heal pain and trauma: Time heals all wounds. We’ve all heard that before, and although I don’t believe all wounds heal by themselves, it’s undeniable that times does help. But how long should you wait before you let go of pain? How long do you shy away from relationships and experiences while you heal? I am not advocating that you shouldn’t feel your pain or honor your loss. These are sacred teachers after all and it is not the aim of Energy Healing to keep you from experiencing your full range of emotions. On the contrary, Energy Healing is to pain what Physiotherapy is to wounds. It’s there to ensure that it heals in the best way possible.

#5 Reconnect with your life purpose: Your energy is older than you. Your soul is older than you. We can often forget this when we are feeling stuck. We look outside ourselves for direction and forget that within us we have access to an infinity of resources from soul contracts, past lives, and other resources that can remind us of our life purpose.