You are a kind person who’s had a falling out with life at the moment

You are a spiritual seeker journeying through a moonless night. You are needing support and healing for your soul.

You’ve read your self-help books, attended workshops and done your work, yet it all feels distant somehow. You need a space where your soul can unfold and put itself back together again, a space where your heart can grow back to wholeness.

You don’t feel like yourself anymore. Life has taken you in a different way and it’s taking everything you have to keep showing up.

Your energy is zapped, you’re restless, your heart alternates between opting-out and hurling thorns at you.

These times are though, there’s no way around it… Whenever our path has been moved from under our feet, when our momentum has frozen, when our heart is grieving…

This is when we are morphing.

This is the stir the seed feels before it sprouts. This is when the oak breaks out from the acorn, and starts to grow.

Here’s the thing though… the acorn has to get soaked first. It has to let life permeate it, drench it, absorb the moisture and release the toxins that stunt its growth. Only then, it swells a bit, then a bit more, and just a tad more until the skin is wrinkly and soft, THEN a shoot comes through. From here on it feels like magic, but it sure felt like nothing was happening for long, eh?

This is an invitation from life. This is my invitation to you. I can hold space for you to slow down and tune in, I can hold your heart when the soaking feels like too much, I can offer insight that can help you make meaning of the stillness and the hurt. I can be with you in this transition. I am good at that.

You’ll feel right at home with me if…

  • You are looking to dive into your inner-wisdom, to tap into your strengths and make conscious choices, releasing the patterns that keep you from finding your flow.
  • You enjoy using ritual and ceremony as a pathway to spiritual clarity, emotional discernment and self-reclamation.
  • You choose profound, organic growth over short-term fixes.
  • You might be type of person who responds well to energy healing but even if you aren’t, or if you don’t know if you are, I can help you identify best approach for you. It might be that you connect to an evocative image from a card, or to the healing blueprint of Flower Essences or to something else entirely. With just a few questions at the start of our session, we’ll figure it out.
  • You resonate with the idea that when we are born, we are like a new thread added to a family tapestry; a tapestry that has been woven for generations.  Some of those threads are bright and beautiful and some might need untangling. That’s okay, though. Something within you knows this is the right work, at the right time. That’s the work we are here to do.

As a professional intuitive, I can dive into the patterns in your life. I can help you re-member your strengths and amp-up the subtle voice of your soul.

As an energy healer and Flower Essences practitioner, I am experienced in re-weaving our emotional pathways to enhance growth, peace and well-being. To clear out your field so that it shines brightly. I help you bring out your you-ness.

As a Family Constellations Facilitator, I hold space for the wounds in the system: the imbalances, promises, losses and all that has had to be endured in the collective soul. All that has been handed down through generations. I am like a gardener tending to your family tree side-by-side with you, nourishing the soil, weeding out the secrets and blocks so that this beautiful tree may bloom mightily, because this is your inheritance, and it is my joy for you to have it.

Over my more than a decade of experience, I’ve come to understand how to hold the space for grief to bloom into strength, how to honor anger so that it shifts into clarity, and I’ve learned to recognize pain as a calling for love. I can help you unravel these gifts from their sticky envelopes. To heal relationship patterns so that you may release what you’ve been carrying for others.

I am passionate about helping people work on…

  • Learning how it feels when your intuition is talking to you. What signals to look for and how to deepen your connection with it.
  • Navigating through loss, transition and uncertainty with courage and compassion.
  • Untangling ancestral energy that might be binding you to the past, reinforcing limiting beliefs or burdening your with something that just somehow doesn’t feel yours.
  • Healing emotional wounds that prevent you from enjoying deep and nourishing relationships.
  • Expanding your capacity to receive love and abundance, to connect to others, and to flow through life with an open heart.

But most of all… I am passionate about YOU… about what you are going through and what you want to create. I don’t work with topics, I work with people. So no matter what the details are, I will be happy to support you.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to explore my different approaches such as Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Family Constellations and Flower Essences.

Also, since we will be working together, you can find out more about me and what led me to this work in my about page.

We can connect no matter where you are in the world. I would love to hear from you.


Evelyn    Vancouver, Canada   

When I first read about the floral remedies, I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to shift emotions around a painful breakup and I sought Andrea for help. It was a fascinating way to approach my heartache and I'm grateful to Andrea for introducing it to me. 

Floral remedies are powerful. Within a week, I could already feel a difference in the way I felt towards my ex. The more I continued to take them, the more my emotions shifted. By the time I finished the dosage Andrea provided me, I had gotten over my ex. I was able to feel peace towards the whole situation and the anger and sadness I originally felt had dissipated. 

I still continue to take the floral remedies, even today. I believe in them wholeheartedly and know that it can truly help anyone to shift thoughts and emotions that may be clouding their judgement. I'm so grateful to Andrea for providing this alternative method. 

Ramona F.    Vancouver BC   

I first saw Andrea Woodhouse for a reading after finding her when searching the internet for someone close by. I am happy I found Andrea. Her reading was very insightful, honest and realistic. She has a very calm demeanour that makes you feel very comfortable and open. My reading helped me see things in a different light and brought a lot of emotions out that had been pent up for some time giving me a release that I needed.

Since my reading I have come to see Andrea for flower essences and while initially I thought that it probably would not help I would give it a try. I can honestly say that I have seen improvement for the issues I discussed with Andrea and overall I feel much better.

Thank you Andrea for your all your help.

CK    Vancouver, Canada   

I first met Andrea during a very down time in my life after my 16 year relationship ended.  Just 2 days after my first energy healing session, I was a completely different person.  I could not believe the change in how I felt.  I had literally been a mess and all of a sudden the lights were on and I was going in the right direction.  I still continue to work with Andrea going deeper into healing and will continue to work with her in the future.  Working with Andrea has literally helped to change my life.