An intuitive reading creates the clarity you need to move forward.

Energy healing detoxes your system and restores your natural flow.

You might be grappling with a decision or experienced a recent turn of events. Perhaps you feel ready to take things to the next level. An intuitive reading gives you the confidence to move forward.

Maybe what’s on your mind is not what’s happening but how you are feeling. Change is draining. Whether you are launching a new project or in between jobs, starting a relationship or coming out of one… You will need the energy to bring your a-game. That’s what an Energy Healing can do for you.


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Anna P    Vancouver, Canada   

 4 months ago I was under heavy stress and my energy level was so low.
Andrea recommended Flower Remedy for me. I call it a Friend in a bottle.
Not only was I relieved from stress within 2 days into using the Remedy but since then:
- I sleep better
- Feel lighter
- No no more re- occurring specific nightmares I had been experiencing for more than 10 yrs.
- Feeling of internal healing.
- No more awful feelings from coming into contact with negative energy both at home and outside home as I used to
- I've been fully energized since then.
Don't take my word for it but give it a try.
I'm so grateful to Andrea for the Flower Remedy recommendation! 


I have been to see Andrea a few times for energy healing sessions and readings, all of which have been highly beneficial to me both for the immediate situations I was experiencing, but also to shed light on longer term issues I've struggled with. On my most recent visit, I did a constellation with Andrea. I had no idea what to expect, but after chatting with her for a few minutes about what I was going through, she recommended the constellation. It was amazing. It made me see my current situation in the greater context of my life the past year, and gave me new perspective on the issues I was struggling with. The constellation helped to give me closure in some really important relationships that had ended this past year, and gave insight into some choices I had made, which helped me to move on. I honestly have found my sessions with Andrea to be more healing and beneficial than long term counselling, and I'll absolutely keep seeing her and recommend her highly to my friends.


First of all, Andrea is an experienced energy healer, and intuitive reader, so I was really thrilled when I knew about her Intuitive Development Workshop, there was no way I could miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best! I was really curious about her personal developed techniques, and with admiration I can say I felt her heart and wisdom in all what she shared with us.

In terms of the topics and agenda, it was all very well structured. Andrea talked about the different types of intuition, told us a beautiful story about duality and intuition, talked about healing and supportive energies like angels and archangels, taught us the basics of card readings and of course we had the opportunity to practice, practice and practice! I felt incredibly supported by Andrea while practicing my first cards readings.

Developing a connection with higher realms through oracle cards is a journey, and I felt truly honored to begin it with Andrea's guidance and knowledge.