I am excited to once more offer in-person sessions. I know how meaningful they are and I am glad to be able to provide intuitive guidance while following recommended guidelines for your wellbeing during covid-19 times.

Stay healthy & welcome back my friend.


An intuitive reading creates the clarity you need to move forward. Energy healing detoxes your system and restores your natural flow.

You might be grappling with a decision or experienced a recent turn of events. Perhaps you feel ready to take things to the next level. An intuitive reading gives you the confidence to move forward.

Maybe what’s on your mind is not what’s happening but how you are feeling. Change is draining. Whether you are launching a new project or in between jobs, starting a relationship or coming out of one… You will need the energy to bring your a-game. That’s what an Energy Healing can do for you.


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Anna P    Vancouver, Canada   

I've known and consulted Andrea for guidance since July/2014.
Andrea is uniquely talented in the accuracy of her abilities not to mention her calming and caring personality.
Her spot on readings and guidance gives me peace, relief and clarity each time I consulted with her.
Andrea's readings are so True, Genuine and Pure it will blow you away!

Clara    Vancouver, BC   

I've known Andrea for about a year and I've gone to her guidance on occasions in my life when I felt stuck and unable to move forward. Andrea is a bright shining old soul and there is confidence and wisdom in her eyes. Her guidance is always precise and accurate. She has a gift for connecting energetically to people and situation; she accurately describes the bigger picture objectively.

There was a time in my life when I was in a lot of pain, and being a Healer myself, we don't show this. She was the only person who knew exactly what I was going through and prepared flower essences to help me to heal. She provides you with enough information for the highest good so that you can make an empowering decision, even if it's not what you want to hear. Her messages are always said with compassion and with a genuine intention to help.

As a spiritual person, and a person who understands the psychic world, I would highly recommend Andrea as she works with integrity and light. Thank you Andrea for being a guiding force in my life. I wish you all do the success in your work and the beautiful lives you touch.

Alexa Kellee   

I made some changes after we met and I think they were for the best...the doors I closed have led to many more opening. Our session was very helpful and informative, thanks again! 🙂